Today I talked with this natural advocate lady and I was all for what she was saying until she very vehemently told me “Just not Veganism! Don’t ever go Vegan!” and in my head I’m think “Uuuhhh, too late.” and she told me old Vegans are all frail and emaciated. And I know she isn’t well-versed, but I’d love some old vegans in a image gallery like you did with the Vegan celebs if you could? Just to prove them wrong?” Requested by anonymous.

Loreen Dinwiddie- Passed away at 109 after 88 years of being vegan.
Jim Morris- A body builder at 78 years old. 
Annette Larkins- A raw vegan and looks like that at age 72.

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Anonymous: I need an alternative for goldfish or a flavor that maybe they sell that doesn't use animal products because I've been craving them lately and I don't want to break my streak of not consuming animals products in over 4 months


Wait are you talking about gold fish that swim in ponds or is this some kind of snack, please tell me you don’t eat gold fish

I’m sorry, Rosie! This made me laugh so hard that I started crying.

Goldfish are an American cheese “cracker” in the shapes of little goldfish. (Kind of like Cheeze-its)

I have yet to see a vegan product like that in the US, but anon could check out whole foods to see if they have any products like that.

Any of my followers know? I hate goldfish :/